Tuckys Photography is a full service-wedding photographer that also provides printing, digital imaging and processing services.

    The mastermind behind Tuckys Photography is Tuck Hong, with 12 years of bridal, wedding and commercial photography experience under his belt. What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to listen with heart, see with passion and capture with precision.

    Why choose Tucky?

    Tuck Hong strongly believes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Having a detailed and well-thought plan is the key to a successful shoot. Therefore, much effort is taken to ensure a smooth session on the day of the shoot. You will be invited to the studio for 2 pre-shoot sessions to enable us to understand and conceptualise your love story in its full essence.

    Tuck Hong takes great effort to build rapport with couples to derive creative ideas and suggestions that truly reflects the characters and relationships. his versatility and ability to experiment, conjure and capture expressions in variety of styles in different settings makes him and his photography unique.

    Tuck Hong directs and personalizes every shoot as he endeavors to bring out the true character and personalities of the couples. He captures photographs expressions and scenes to seal the moments for the couple. Enabling them to relive and enjoy the memories vividly on actual wedding days.

    Discover the magic and experience with Tuckys Photography as he weaves your love story into frames of enduring memories with each snap.

    Underwater Pre-wedding Photography

    As an underwater portrait photographer, Tuck Hong is also a Dive Master with TDI and a qualified technical diver. Due precautions and preparations are done before every underwater shoot to ensure the safety of the couples.